August 11, 2009

After much deliberation I have decided to move my art-blog over to blogspot. To continue following my art please visit me in the woods:


Still unsure as to which account I prefer, I am trying out an identical post in both. I’d appreciate any feedback in helping me decide, so pelase visit here too:


This piece is officially the eleventh one for my little group show, which is in less than a month! I am incredibly excited. A slightly different format here, originally I planned to add an elaborately drawn frame, hence the oval border.

  Oh, before I forget: I draw straight with pen onto paper. So there aren’t any pencil lines put down first, hence why the mistakes are permanent. I don’t mind them too much, which is so contrary to how I used to work. A drawing could take me weeks, of meticulously drawing every line in pencil, and erasing every single mistake, until I felt the image was perfect. I never thought I could draw like this and be happy and satisfied…

 I’m currently working on the twelth (and last) image for the show. I want to finish it soon, because it looks like from now on I’ll have to concentrate on boxing all my belongings in preparation for a house move.

Mid-Blog-Life Crisis

August 8, 2009

I’m undergoing a blog-identity crisis.

 I don’t know if I want to just stay put and continue here on wordpress, or if I should continue instead on blogspot. I’ve set up the basics:

Basically.. I like that particular template better than any I’ve found here, and most of  the artists I’ve been following have their blogs over there. 

I don’t know. And I’ve even got new drawings to show but I don’t know where to post them : (


Victoria Buckley

August 4, 2009

Yesterday was my first day working for Victoria Buckley, a fine-jewellery designer in her Strand Arcade Boutique. There has been a lot to take in, and I will have to be a little sea sponge, soaking up vast amounts of knowledge very quickly. But overall I am relieved, happy, optimistic, and excited. I’m not sure I was ever a believer of fate, but the events that led me to meet Victoria are surely signs of it.

Her Boutique is gorgeous: pretty and romantic. Little hand stitched birds adorn her display cases, a crudely but sweetly sewn antlered nymph sits atop an antique camera, and yet to be unveiled is the beautiful Ophelia. An articulated porcelain doll made by artist Marina Bychkova, whom I am a big fan of. Ophelia was the doll that led to Victoria and I meeting, I guess I have her to thank for the chance of embarking on this exciting new adventure!

Little Lepidopterist

August 1, 2009

Hooray for a 3 day weekend, as it usually means new drawings! I mentioned in the “Little Coquette” post that I had taken some reference shots of my dear friend, and this is the first piece to eventuate from that.

Again, like my last piece, “Tea & Literature”, the palette is quite restricted, and I like the atmosphere it’s created with this particular setting.

Leaving Alannah

July 31, 2009

Yesterday was a significant day for me, in that it was my last day working for Alannah Hill, a quirky Australian female fashion designer. For a year I’ve worked in her Sydney boutiques as one of her “Alannah Girls”. Red lipstick, fancy frocks and high heels, lace and silk, beads and sequins, pink walls, pink floors, pink flowers and pink furniture. Any girly-girls dream, right?

But the sad part of leaving, is leaving behind all the wonderful girls I’ve befriended. They’ve been a significant inspiration on my art, as they’ve been the models in all my latest works. I’ve been very lucky to work with such a number of amazing young women.

On my last day, the girls suprised me with a little parting gift. I think it’s appropriate here, as they remembered my favourite little curiosity shop, High Tea with Mrs Woo.  The booklet features an artwork by Nicoletta Beccoli, and the earrings are little owls.

Tea and Literature

July 28, 2009

This particular piece has been an interesting learning experience for me. The colour palette’s more subdued and dusty from the more recent, flowery pieces I’ve been creating.

My lovely model at first was hesitant to sit for me, as she realised she’d turned up in black, and all my other girls have been in flowery dresses. I told her not to be silly, to sit down, and look like the intellectual girl I know she is!

The setting was a very quirky bookshop cafe, in a narrow terrace-style house, filled with old antique books. I thought she looked perfect : )

Country Escape

July 25, 2009

I just returned from a nice and much needed break from my day-job. I went to visit my partner, who’s been away on a long art trip in the country. I got to enjoy a slow week of riding my new-old bicycle, walking and picnicking by the river, and plenty of naps in the sunshine..wrapped up in a sleeping bag since it was so cold!!  It was a really lovely escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and something that we both yearn for.

It also gave me a chance to work on a project that I’ve been itching to start on for a while. Here is the progress I’ve made so far on my wooden matryoshka/babushka dolls. It’s been slow work, but I’m really excited about how they’ll turn out painted and finished!!


Little Coquette

July 10, 2009

After a fortnight of not drawing anything new, and not even colouring or working on any of my many “in progress” pieces, I was happy to start and complete this one tonight.

 She’s currently my favourite muse, and working with her for the past couple of days in our “real world” job has been a delight. When the  boutique/ department store doors close at night, I run her round and take some quick reference shots… much to the bemusement of the cleaners. I think new “scenes” to draw from always excite me, so hopefully many more of her to come soon!

Faun Fawn

July 8, 2009

Oh, how time flies, with crystal clear eyes.

 It’s been about two weeks since I’ve drawn or coloured anything. So here’s a little faunlet I created before, attempting a more illustrative style.

I say this because I enjoy both, but would like to become stronger and more confident with a free-hand style like this, that I would use for book illustration, something I’ve yearned to do for a long time.